• Latest News : MTG 20Twenty Championship Round Matches Will Start on March 1, 2016.
  • Latest News : MTG 20Twenty Championship Semi Finals Matches Will Start on April 1, 2016.
  • Latest News : MTG 20Twenty Championship Final Will Start on May 1, 2016.

Contest Details

MTG 20Twenty Championship March 2016 (Match 3)

MTG 20Twenty Championship March 2016 (Match 3)

This is a very first contest of MTG Pvt. Ltd. and it will be carried on monthly basis until the promotion is end. The basic aim of this contest is to make beginner traders / prospects think and act like professional. This way every trader can polish his skills by using multiple strategies.
Please do not lose this chance to polish your trading skills that may also win you real cash prizes.

Start Time: 01-Mar-2016 12:00:00 am
End Time: 26-Mar-2016 02:00:00 am
Teams: 2
Players: 40
Teams Total: MTG Red = Rs. 21,722,449 :: MTG Orange = Rs. 18,868,918
Winner Team: MTG Red
Man Of The Match: Nickname = jani :: Score = Rs. 1,891,364

The contest result is listed below:

Nickname Position Score
afz1 Wicket Keeper Rs. 1488908.04
earnmaster Wicket Keeper Rs. 1419840.45
sha All Rounder Rs. 1387196.42
afz All Rounder Rs. 1288915.61
amjad11 All Rounder Rs. 1247795.50
Ahmad others Rs. 1160256.91
Qasim Wicket Keeper Rs. 1006495.12
Ajmal Bowler Rs. 1000838.08
Qays others Rs. 1000000.00
hafiz others Rs. 1000000.00
accounts milli others Rs. 1000000.00
Mtg others Rs. 1000000.00
immimast All Rounder Rs. 1000000.00
zohaib All Rounder Rs. 1000000.00
junaid Batsman Rs. 1000000.00
apexirfan Batsman Rs. 1000000.00
amjad Bowler Rs. 1000000.00
Ali Batsman Rs. 1000000.00
Durrani Bowler Rs. 1000000.00
raz others Rs. 722203.00
Nickname Position Score
jani Batsman Rs. 1891363.91
qamar Bowler Rs. 1313157.69
Ali Shah others Rs. 1088312.59
bhatti All Rounder Rs. 1004190.40
raja Wicket Keeper Rs. 1000000.00
Tanveer 237 others Rs. 1000000.00
Malik Qadeer others Rs. 1000000.00
Usman ali others Rs. 1000000.00
murtazarajkot87 Batsman Rs. 1000000.00
shams others Rs. 1000000.00
ghussain Bowler Rs. 1000000.00
Baig All Rounder Rs. 1000000.00
doctor All Rounder Rs. 1000000.00
imran237 Batsman Rs. 1000000.00
Jameel001 All Rounder Rs. 1000000.00
dano Bowler Rs. 1000000.00
mian others Rs. 1000000.00
IMRAN110 others Rs. 595684.83
Vasay others Rs. 53669.24
naw others Rs. -77460.52