• Latest News : MTG 20Twenty Championship Round Matches Will Start on March 1, 2016.
  • Latest News : MTG 20Twenty Championship Semi Finals Matches Will Start on April 1, 2016.
  • Latest News : MTG 20Twenty Championship Final Will Start on May 1, 2016.

Contest Details

MTG 20Twenty Championship March 2016 (Match 1)

MTG 20Twenty Championship March 2016 (Match 1)

This is a very first contest of MTG Pvt. Ltd. and it will be carried on monthly basis until the promotion is end. The basic aim of this contest is to make beginner traders / prospects think and act like professional. This way every trader can polish his skills by using multiple strategies.

Please do not lose this chance to polish your trading skills that may also win you real cash prizes.

Start Time: 01-Mar-2016 12:00:00 am
End Time: 26-Mar-2016 02:00:00 am
Teams: 2
Players: 40
Teams Total: MTG White = Rs. 19,852,452 :: MTG Green = Rs. 16,722,393
Winner Team: MTG White
Man Of The Match: Nickname = nae :: Score = Rs. 1,889,249

The contest result is listed below:

Nickname Position Score
nae others Rs. 1889248.64
hamzi Bowler Rs. 1705514.56
amj others Rs. 1094212.00
Mirza Wicket Keeper Rs. 1066475.93
KINGRI others Rs. 1000000.00
Muhammad kamran others Rs. 1000000.00
samiullah others Rs. 1000000.00
Ameer others Rs. 1000000.00
FAREED others Rs. 1000000.00
ch others Rs. 1000000.00
Junaid Mushtaq All Rounder Rs. 1000000.00
Usman Khan All Rounder Rs. 1000000.00
Imran Raza All Rounder Rs. 1000000.00
immi Batsman Rs. 1000000.00
Jahangir Bowler Rs. 1000000.00
Ilyas Bowler Rs. 1000000.00
zafarrafiq Wicket Keeper Rs. 1000000.00
saleemi Batsman Rs. 1000000.00
irf others Rs. 97001.28
MTG Hero Batsman Rs. 0.00
Nickname Position Score
sal All Rounder Rs. 1388755.59
ami others Rs. 1251853.14
anas Batsman Rs. 1147461.73
waseem09 All Rounder Rs. 1000000.00
Nailaiqbal others Rs. 1000000.00
Sherwani others Rs. 1000000.00
Sobi others Rs. 1000000.00
mfarooq others Rs. 1000000.00
prince789 Wicket Keeper Rs. 1000000.00
Shan All Rounder Rs. 1000000.00
tariq Batsman Rs. 1000000.00
Dawood Bowler Rs. 1000000.00
munawarmna Bowler Rs. 1000000.00
Hussaini Batsman Rs. 1000000.00
javed iqbal others Rs. 1000000.00
Dil Bowler Rs. 495535.89
yas others Rs. 306903.28
ish Batsman Rs. 75090.10
FxGladiator Batsman Rs. 56793.69
riaz11 All Rounder Rs. 0.00