• Latest News : MTG 20Twenty Championship Round Matches Will Start on March 1, 2016.
  • Latest News : MTG 20Twenty Championship Semi Finals Matches Will Start on April 1, 2016.
  • Latest News : MTG 20Twenty Championship Final Will Start on May 1, 2016.

Terms and Conditions

    1. The MTG 20Twenty Championship trading competition consists of rounds and seasons.
      Each of the Basic rounds are carried out according to the following schedule:
      - Starting time: March 01, 2016 Tuesday 00:01 (Pakistan Standard Time)
      - Ending time: March 26, 2016 Saturday 02:00 (Pakistan Standard Time)
      - Every season consist of four round matches, two semi finals and one final.
    2. The MTG 20Twenty Championship is organized by MTG Pvt. Ltd. Participants of the MTG Pvt. Ltd. competition must complete the registration procedure in the MTG Pvt. Ltd. contest website.
    3. Each MTG Pvt. Ltd. round is a separate competition of participants of 8 different teams.
    4. Each round opens and closes according to the above mentioned schedule.
    5. All trading operations are performed with virtual money on the special MTG Pvt. Ltd. demo contest accounts that are opened separately for each round of the competition.
    6. Participation in the MTG Pvt. Ltd. trading competition is completely free of charge. Each participant is entitled to take part in all future competitions without further restrictions. If the participant wishes to take part of additional competitions, the participant has to have a deposited live account with MTG Pvt. Ltd.
    7. Everyone is welcome to participate, except for employees of MTG Pvt. Ltd. and their respective relatives and dependents, Introducing Brokers of MTG Pvt. Ltd., Referrals and Agents of MTG Pvt. Ltd., employees of other brokerage companies, dealing centers and banks as well as their respective relatives and dependents.
    8. Contest accounts remain inactive ("Disabled") until the scheduled beginning of the corresponding round.
    9. Each participant agrees that by entering the MTG Pvt. Ltd. competition they express their free, prior and informed consent for MTG to process any personal data which they provide while registering and/or participating in the competition. The data is collected and processed only to such extent, which is necessary to administer and run the MTG Pvt. Ltd. competition. MTG shall disclose any data about participants only to the extent stipulated in these terms and conditions. Each participant has the right to withdraw their consent for processing of personal data at any time. However, such a withdrawal may at the discretion of MTG result in the disruption, suspension or termination of the participant's account.
    10. Each participant agrees that his chosen pseudonym ("nickname") and account's equity data may be published in the rating table at http://contest.mtgfinancials.com and in all site versions. Each prize winner agrees that his name, surname and transaction history may be displayed in a detailed statement linked to his respective nickname in the contest rounds and seasons. Before being eligible to claim any prize money, the contestant shall provide MTG Pvt. Ltd. with an interview and a photo of himself/herself. The contestant permits MTG to use both the statements from the interview (as an actual interview as well as in altered versions that still preserve the essence of the statements) and the photo for marketing and PR purposes, including announcement of the winner and publication of a profile of the winner on the contest website http://contest.mtgfinancials.com, MTG Pvt. Ltd.' website http://www.mtgfinancials.com, local versions of the website and through social media channels. The interview shall be given in writing. Only after completing the interview, the contestant shall be eligible to receive his/her prize.
    11. Each participant agrees that the organizer of the competition may send the participant messages including, but not limited to, notifications, special offers, promotions, commercial advertisements and marketing materials, in connection with the competition and/or the services of the organizer. Such consent is voluntary and can be withdrawn at any time.

    1. Each participant who has registered a MTG Pvt. Ltd. demo contest account agrees with the "Terms and Conditions of the MTG Pvt. Ltd. competition for demo accounts" and also with the "Terms of Business" and/or "Terms and Conditions" of MTG Pvt. Ltd..
    2. Each participant consents to provide correct personal data in the registration process.
      1. In case a participant, inadvertently or purposely, has indicated his/her personal information incorrectly, he/she will immediately lose the right to claim their prizes and will be disqualified from participating in all rounds of the competition.
    3. Contest accounts are demo accounts in the MetaTrader 5 MTG Pvt. Ltd. trading platform that are provided with a margin rate of 0.5% (i.e. leverage 1:50) and a virtual deposit in the amount of Rs. 1,000,000. Access data for use in MetaTrader 5 (i.e. login and password) are sent by e-mail to each participant at the end of the registration process.

    1. Participants may only conduct their trading using the MetaTrader 5 client terminals. Participants cannot use the PMEX Client Portal Service.
    2. In order to begin trading, participants are required to install the MTG trading software "MetaTrader 5 MTG Pvt. Ltd.", enter their access data (Login and Password) into the corresponding fields in the File Login menu and then choose the "MTG-Meta Trader 5" trading server in the pop-up list.
    3. Automated trading (Expert Advisor) is prohibited.
    4. In the event the contest account has open positions at the moment of the scheduled closing of the round, such positions will be closed at prevailing market prices. Long positions will be closed at the Bid price and short positions will be closed at the Ask price.
    5. MTG Pvt. Ltd. has the discretion, but not the obligation, to disqualify the participant during any contest round or after its closing, if:
      1. MTG established that the participant was trading with more than one contest account during the same round;
      2. MTG has established that more than one account participating in the round was managed from a single IP-address;
      3. The participant was using anonymous HTTP/socks proxy-servers for his/her trading;
      4. Any other significant violation of the MTG Pvt. Ltd. competition terms and conditions has occurred.
    6. Disqualified participants will lose their right to claim prizes in all rounds of the contest.

    1. The establishing of the winners of each round occurs as follows:
      1. After the round has ended, MTG Pvt. Ltd. forms the winners list in each of the 4 teams.
      2. After the season has ended, MTG Pvt. Ltd. forms the winners list of the season.
      3. Only participants satisfying the following conditions may claim prizes:
        • a) A participant's account balance at the end of the round must exceed the value of their initial balance;
        • b) The participant has not been disqualified.
        • c) The participant has traded more than 10 lots in the respective round.
        • If the particepnt will not do min 10 trades during a match, he/she will be disqualified for next match and MTG Pvt. Ltd. has rights to replace him/her with other top performer of his/her team (even from loser teams) in next matches.
      4. The larger the contestant's balance is, the higher their ranking. In case two or more contestants have equal balances, the higher position is granted to the contestant who has a larger cumulative amount of completed deals for that round.
      5. If there are no participants who correspond to the above-stated conditions, it is considered that there are no winners in that round.
      6. Before 1st of the coming month after the round closing, MTG Pvt. Ltd. publishes the final Top 20 ratings of each winning team of the round matches in the "Results" section at http://contest.mtgfinancials.com, "Company News" section of the http://www.mtgfinancials.com and links detailed statements to respective nicknames in the online rating.
    2. Prize funds are distributed between the top 11 participants of the winning team in the final match as follows:
      1st place - 30,000 Rs. (Man of the Match)
      2nd place - 5,000 Rs. (remaining 10 top players)
    3. Other prizes are:
      - MTG Certificates - Man of the match will be become Captain of the Team - There will be a special dinner party for winning team of the Final Match of the championship and every player will be presented certificates by some notable National Cricket players.

    1. To become a winner of the championship, a trader does not have to participate in any special rounds. A trader becomes a winner of the season when his/her cumulative profit and loss during the pool matches, semi finals and final of one season is the highest among all of the participants.
    2. Before 1st of the coming month after the round closing, MTG publishes the final Top 20 ratings of the round in the "Company News" section at http://www.mtgfinancials.com, "Results" section of the http://contest.mtgfinancials.com and links detailed statements to respective nicknames in the online rating.
    3. Prize funds in the each match of the championship seasons are distributed to the Man of the Match participants of the each round match of the season, as follows:
      Man of the Match - 10,000 Rs.

    1. Prize funds are distributed in the form of deposits placed in live accounts, opened by MTG for prize winners using their personal details that were provided during the contest registration.
    2. The whole amount of a prize that is paid to a winner's live account and all the subsequent profits are the property of MTG Pvt. Ltd. before the minimum trading volume is completed.
    3. A minimum trading volume of 1 round turn lot of commodity trading has to be completed per each 1000 Rs. of the initial account balance.
    4. Due to substantial difference in marginal requirements, 1 round turn of Gold and Silver will account for 0.2 lots and 0.1 lots of the trading volume respectively.
    5. A withdrawal from the prize account is only possible after the full trading volume has been completed. A trading volume is calculated on the basis of point 2 (of this section) and only takes into account the positions that comply with these 3 rules: a) remained open for more than 15 minutes b) were closed with Profit or Loss of larger than 3 pips, c) the trade was not hedged,
  7. A trade is considered hedged when it is conforms with ALL of the points below:
    1. The reversal position was opened within 15 minutes after opening the initial position
    2. The volume variance between the initial and reversal position does not exceed 20%
    3. The reversal position is closed within 15 minutes before or after the closing of the initial position.
  8. Prize winners consent to participate in MTG's PR enterprises, such as interviews, photo-reports and the public notification through mass-media about the results of the competition. Since there will be a media prize ceremony where some international cricket players will be joining as Chief Guests and they will distribute prizes among winners.
  9. If a participant is awarded a prize in any round of the MTG Pvt. Ltd. competition:
    1. The prize winner must submit photocopies of their passports or ID cards within 5 days after the end of the round to info@mtgfinancials.com. MTG Pvt. Ltd. reserves the right to request additional documents or procedures in order to verify the winner's identity.
    2. Withdrawing funds from the live prize account can be conducted to the winner's bank account only if the bank account is opened in the name of the participant. MTG Pvt. Ltd. reserves the right to request additional documents or procedures in order to verify the winner's identity.
    1. All complaints have to be sent via e-mail to info@mtgfinancials.com with the subject line "MTG Pvt. Ltd. 20Twenty Championship March 2016". It is only through this avenue that the complaints will be accepted and resolved.
    2. Complaints concerning the failure to conduct a trading operation in a contest account because of low internet connection quality (either on the side of the participant or on the side of MTG's hosting provider) are not accepted.
    3. Complaints concerning quoting in the MetaTrader 5 MTG Pvt. Ltd. are not accepted, except for cases of appreciable errors.
    4. During disputes, the MTG decision is final. While deciding, MTG takes into consideration the "Terms of Business" and/or "Terms and Conditions" and common market practices. MTG's decisions are non-disputable. The decision made by MTG regarding the competition is binding on the persons concerned.

    1. MTG Pvt. Ltd. retains the right to close or cancel the competition at any time because of unexpected or unusual circumstances.
    2. It is the responsibility of any participant who has won any prize money to pay taxes on their winnings in accordance with the respective laws of the Government of Pakistan (if any).
    3. If for any reason the competition is terminated due to unforeseen circumstances before the official end date, the ranking of participants at the moment of termination of the competition will not be considered as the basis for establishing winners.
    4. In exceptional cases, where an appreciable error has occurred, the criteria for determining the winners of each round can be changed by MTG.
    5. MTG Pvt. Ltd. retains the right to change the competition rules if unforeseen circumstances should arise or if an obvious error has been found.
    6. The final results of completed rounds cannot be revised.
    7. Since 01.01.2016 MTG Pvt. Ltd. doesn't provide trading statements of the participators or winners of any MTG 20Twenty Championship.
    8. In case of any ambiguity or conflict or inconsistency between these terms and conditions and the English terms and conditions available at www.mtgfinancials.com, the English terms and conditions shall prevail.